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Local Law 84

Private building owners in New York City must provide annual energy and water consumption data to the city according to Local Law 84 NYC if buildings exceed 25,000 square feet.

Submissions of ll84 benchmarking data have to be done by May 1 of each year. If you fail to benchmark on time, you may be penalized. To comply, IAG Energy has developed a simple process to ensure all of this Local law 84 benchmarking.

Your one-stop Local Law 84 benchmarking and violation removal solution

IAG Energy Local Law 84 compliance services include everything your building will need to create the required energy consumption benchmark and remove violations we may find. The goal behind LL84 is to compare the energy usage of all commercial and residential buildings in NYC that comes under local law 84 covered buildings list as a first step towards improving energy efficiency.

The Department may issue a Violation notice to any property on the ll84 covered buildings list that has not submitted a fully compliant benchmarking report by the deadline. We at IAG energy provide the best solution for you to achieve 100% compliance to prevent a violation of 84 energy llc.

As required by LL84, if you own or manage a building 25,000 square feet or larger, you must submit the benchmarking report to the NYC Department of Buildings. In addition to the required report, we also prepare a Statement of Energy Performance to give you a complete view of your building energy usage.

Local Law 84 Process

IAG Energy understands the importance of complying with LL84, specializing in its complexities and processes to remove violations. As the most qualified and experienced team of energy efficiency engineers, we will customize our services to fit the needs and unique characteristics of your commercial or residential building.


We will prepare a comprehensive report of the energy usage in your building. This report will include all directly metered tenants and all types of energy - electric, steam, gas, fuel, solar, etc. We will do so using the EPA’s Portfolio Manager, the most sophisticated tool to track energy consumption in buildings.


The accuracy and full compliance of your building benchmarking go beyond working with our expert engineers. IAG Energy will work with your tenants to get the necessary needed to file LL84.

Statement of Energy Compliance

Beyond the required benchmarking, we include the bird’s eye view of your building’s energy consumption. Delivered in clear, concise, and simple to understand language IAG offers insightful actionable options, upgrades, and changes to improve energy usage reduction while ensuring energy costs are as low as possible for Local Law 84 NYC.

Violation Removals

In the case of violation notification, we will provide you with a comprehensive plan of action to remove them in the next quarter to obtain 100% Local Law 84 compliance and avoid any possible associated penalties.

Getting started with your LL84 compliance is easy. Just give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

Avoid up to $2000+ in penalties each year We help you create and file your Benchmarking report on time each year to avoid costly penalties.

You must file a benchmarking report every year before May 1st.




We have created a quick overview of LL84 and how it can affect you, your building, and your wallet. This includes the solutions that we offer for you to gain full compliance.

What kind of building must comply with Local Law 84?

Any commercial, residential or industrial building over 25,000 square feet is located in any one of the 5 boroughs of New York City.

How often do I need to submit a benchmarking report?

Local Law 84 requires a yearly filing of your Benchmarking report to the NYC Department of Buildings.

How do I file a benchmarking report?

When you work with IAG Energy, we take care of preparing, producing, and filing the report for you. We also assist you with the residential and non-residential tenant logistics, violation removal, as well as recommending helpful steps you can take towards having a more energy efficient building.

What are the penalties for failing to comply with Local Law 84?

Failing to submit your Benchmarking report by May 1st of each year will result in a penalty of $500. Continued failure to submit the report will result in additional penalties of $500 each quarter, up to $2000 per year.

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