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2110 Barnes Avenue

2110 Barnes Avenue BRONX, NY 10462 US


This document is a summary report of the energy audit conducted by IAG Energy, LLC for the multifamily building located at 2110 Barnes Avenue in Bronx, New York. The purpose of the audit was to provide energy use analysis, identify viable energy conservation measures that reduce energy and operating costs and provide estimates for the facility’s carbon footprint reduction as well as firm implementation costs and realistic savings.

The scope of work included a detailed survey of the building envelopes, mechanical and electrical systems, as well as an analysis of the building’s annual energy (electric and natural gas) costs and consumption. IAG Energy also documented the facility’s operating characteristics. The recommended ECM’s represent economically and technically feasible opportunities to improve the facility’s operating efficiency and to find ways to reduce ongoing energy and operating costs.

The facility includes fifty-seven (57) apartments, common areas, and mechanical room located at the ground level of the building. Overall, the energy consuming systems at this location appeared to be in good condition in terms of age and maintenance.

Building Information

The building was constructed in 1960 and is owned and managed by Anthony Skelja. This is a 77,450 square foot multifamily apartment building that consists of 57 apartments and a covered parking garage. The building is located on 2110 Barnes Avenue in Bronx, New York. This is a seven story apartment building with one elevator, and coin operated laundry facility.

Assessment Highlights

  • The building Energy Utilization Index (EUI) is 61.9 kBtu/Ft2
  • Total estimated combined energy use is 4,797,197 kBtu
  • The study came up with 5 Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)
  • The simple payback for all measures is 1.13 years

Benefits & Savings

Date Completed: August 2013

Annual Energy and Cost Savings:

  • Electricity Savings: 18,003 kWh
  • Gas/Fuel Savings: 1,214 therms
  • Total Annual Cost Savings: $72,475

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