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Energy Efficiency Experts

Our expert team of energy engineers, benchmarking specialists and auditors are committed to the most comprehensive service. We save you time and money with our proprietary step by step approach that makes the process easy.

Our passion is saving buildings energy and money.

IAG Energy is all about efficiency and compliance. Having worked with hundreds of commercial and residential buildings in NYC, we have perfected the balance between guaranteed compliance for your property and effective cost-saving strategies thanks to three unique factors making us as step above the rest:

Expert Engineers

It all begins with human talent. We take special care in hiring the brightest ASHRAE-certified energy assessment professionals in the New York City area and providing the most advanced energy efficiency, sustainability and compliance training.

Energy-Saving Specialists

Not only do we make buildings LL87 and LL84 compliant, we also provide you with a comprehensive plan and step-by-step strategy. We go beyond recommendations and compliance to save as much energy -and money - in your building.

Industry Leaders in New York City

With an excellent track record, the most strict audit, compliance, and benchmarking process as well as our commitment to efficient customer service and support we simply are the most qualify energy efficiency expert in the city.

Commercial, residential, industrial. We have worked throughout NYC implementing customized plans to achieve 100% compliance for every project.

Case Studies

The most efficient approach, customized to your building needs.

We have created specific solutions for each client and their specific type of building to ensure absolute compliance complimented by our unparalleled customer support.

Single Building Owners

We will help you comply with Local Law 87 which requires that you file an Energy Efficiency Report (EER) with the NYC Department of Buildings every 10 years.

Multi-Property Manager

We will guide you through the process of obtaining ASHRAE Level II compliance for all of your properties and provide you with support and consulting, regardless of the scale.

Simplifying New York City LL87 and LL84

If you own or manage a building over 50,000 square feet, you must comply with NYC Local Law 87 with requires an energy audit and retro-commissioning study every 10  years.

We serve the 5 NYC boroughs.

We offer LL87 and LL84 compliance for both owners and managers of commercial, office, residential, multi-family and condominium buildings in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island boroughs.

We know the local laws.

IAG Energy offers efficient customer service that starts by explaining how both LL84 and LL87 works and then create a custom plan of action to audit, retro-commission and improve energy efficiency at a low cost.

"Of all the energy auditing firms I spoke to, iAG offered me the lowest price - I can't thank them enough for the money they saved me."

Local Law 87 Success Stories

Local Law 87 Energy Audits and Retro Commissioning

IAG Energy performs full-service energy audits and retro-commissioning as required by LL87 so you can obtain full compliance and keep energy costs as low as possible.


Our process starts by creating a customized plan based on the unique needs of your building or buildings to perform a complete energy audit covering preliminary, Level I, and Level II analysis. Based on this report, we can provide the full retro-commissioning work so you obtain 100% compliance.

Beyond Compliance

An Energy Audit is the perfect time to identify ways to repair, improve, and optimize the infrastructure in your building to reduce energy consumption and costs. This opportunity provides options beyond the requirements of LL87 to obtain dramatic energy savings while increasing both the equity and the value of your property.

Best Value

Our detailed and comprehensive service is simple to understand as we explain, in detail, the cost of planning, performing, and providing you with LL87 compliance. We also help you to apply for savings up to 50% off of the audit cost if you qualify for local programs.

Save up to 50% You commercial building may be eligible for the Flex Tech program with NYSERDA

Local Law 84 Energy Benchmarking & Violation Removal

LL84 requires every building in NYC over 25,000 square feet to obtain an Energy Benchmark Report every year.  This energy benchmark is a comparison between your building and similar buildings during the same period.

A-Z Service

IAG Energy will handle the heavy lifting to help you obtain 100% compliance of LL84 for your building. Our service is comprehensive, detailed, and fine-tuned to deliver hassle-free, personalized plans customized for each and every property.


Beyond compliance, we also generate a Statement of Energy Performance Report that aids you in pinpointing how to best keep your energy costs low while also implementing long term energy efficiency strategies for your building.

Best Value

We offer competitive prices in NYC without compromising quality, thoroughness, or accuracy. We have benchmarked thousands of units in all of NYC’s 5 boroughs with 100% compliance at the best rates on the market.

"We were able to create an awareness of energy efficiency and we are currently in the process of saving our client what could be tens of thousands of dollars over the next few years."

Local Law 84 Success Stories

Exceptional service is just the start.

A few examples of the work IAG have done for properties in NYC to comply with LL87, LL84 and energy audits.

Featured Success Stories