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Experts in Energy Audits

For commercial, residential or industrial buildings, performed by certified engineers.

IAG Energy offers custom Energy Audits performed by certified engineers.

Our comprehensive evaluation of your building's energy system gives you a detailed view of how your energy sources - heating, water, gas, electricity, solar, etc - are being utilized and their impact on the overall energy consumption of your building.

With this gathered information we will also provide you with an in-depth, easy to understand report. This includes recommendations for how to increase energy efficiency, upgrade, retro-commission energy systems, and remove possible violations that could affect compliance to both Local Law 87 and Local Law 84.

As a long term partner, our goal is to offer building owners and property managers comprehensive solutions for the best rates on the market coupled with money savings strategies to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.

Reduce the energy cost of your building.. Our Energy Audits will give you a detailed, easy to implement plan for how to best improve energy efficiency in your building.