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Industrial Energy Audits

We Offer Custom Energy Audits By Certified Engineers. Our skills in mass energy audits are tailored to your needs. Our highly skilled engineers perform industrial energy audits and thoroughly understand industrial processes, facilities, and buildings. As the rules vary by state and each business is unique, we offer customized energy audits for businesses based on their location and specific needs.

Our commercial buildings’ energy efficiency audits constantly provide detailed reports, including action plans to improve efficiency and recommendations to reduce costs. This includes recommendations for how to increase energy efficiency, upgrade, retro-commission energy systems, and remove possible violations that could affect compliance to both Local Law 87 and Local Law 84. We can also advise on available support plans.

IAG energy has a good reputation for independence, ensuring a fair evaluation of all structural, technical, and organizational aspects of your building. Our holistic approach to commercial energy audits means we add value to your business at each step from design and construction to operation and maintenance.

Our multidisciplinary energy audits newyork team consists of electrical, structural, and plant engineering experts with decades of combined experience working on critical global projects. With constantly changing national and international standards for green building, building designers, developers, operators, and facility management companies must stay updated and adhere to these standards. Our experts have a thorough knowledge of all relevant international energy regulatory requirements. Moreover, the cost of energy audits with IAG energy is affordable.


Reduce the energy cost of your building.. Our Energy Audits will give you a detailed, easy to implement plan for how to best improve energy efficiency in your building.