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What must Building owners know about Local Law 84/133 Energy Benchmarking

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In 2012 Mayor Bloomberg passed sweeping legislation that would require NYC Buildings to take the initiative in reducing the overall Carbon Footprint in New York. The first Local Law that spearheaded this agenda was Local Law 84 and which required all Buildings larger than 50,000 Square feet to submit an annual Energy and Water. This was followed by other Local Law compliance requirements such as LL87, LL95 LL88, and LL97. A few years after Local Law 84 was passed, the committee passed an amendment known as LL133 which lowered the size of buildings required to Benchmark to 25,000 Square Feet.

What is meant by “Local Law 84/133”?

According to local law 84/133, landowners of buildings larger than 25,000 Square Feet in the five NYC boroughs must submit annual water and energy use statistics to the city no later than May 1st each year.

What is the purpose of this Law?

The Purpose of LL84/133 is to build an understanding of how much energy NYC Buildings are using which translates into the amount of Greenhouse Gases that are being emitted into our environment. This baseline gives landlords an idea of how efficient their buildings are compared to other buildings of a similar nature.

How can you comply with the law?

To achieve compliance with local law 84, property owners must submit their water and energy use to the EPA’s portfolio management platform. This tool permits property owners to estimate the performance of their facilities compared to similar facilities. You must submit a comprehensive report of each building covered by the law.

What are deadlines?

LL84 must submit a report by May 1 of each year. If you miss May 1, the next dates are August 1, November 1, and February 1.

What are the penalties?

Failure to comply with the May 1 deadline carries a fine of $ 500, and failure to comply with subsequent quarterly deadlines carries an additional penalty of $ 500, for a total of $ 2,000.
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