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22-11 31st Street

22-11 31st Street Queens, NY 11105 US


This document is a summary report of the energy audit conducted by IAG Energy, LLC for the commercial/retail building located at 22-11 31st Street in Astoria, New York.

The purpose of the audit was to provide energy use analysis, identify viable energy conservation measures that reduce energy and operating costs and provide estimates for the facility’s carbon footprint reduction as well as firm implementation costs and realistic savings.

The scope of work included a detailed survey of the building envelopes, and lighting systems, as well as an analysis of the building’s annual energy (electric only) costs and consumption. Facility’s operating characteristics was also documented. The recommended ECM represents economically and technically feasible opportunity to improve the facility’s operating efficiency and to find ways to reduce ongoing energy and operating costs.

Building Information

The building was constructed in 1924 and is managed by JENEL Management Corporation. This is a 56,867 square foot commercial building with retail stores and a gymnasium. The building is located on 22-11 31th Street, Astoria New York. This is a two story building without elevators.

The two story brick building is 56,867 square feet with seven retail spaces as shown in the table below. The facility includes various retail spaces, a gymnasium, and a law office. The tenants are responsible for their own electric, gas, water and sewer bills. The tenants own and operate all HVAC equipment and are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance. The owner is responsible for the roof and some site lighting mounted under the canopy on the north side of the building. All tenant owned mechanical and lighting systems were excluded from the study as the owner is not responsible for it.

Assessment Highlights

  • Total energy consumed by common areas in the building for 2012: 16,326 kWh
  • Common area electric cost: $4,443.91
  • Tenant space electric and gas consumption directly metered and billed by Con Edison to the tenants.

Benefits & Savings

Annual Energy and Cost Savings:

  • Electricity Savings: 6,353.0 kWh
  • Gas/Fuel Savings: 0.0therms
  • Total Annual Cost Savings: $1,729

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