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Terrace Court, LLC - 202 Riverside Drive

202 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10025 US


The following Energy Assessment was performed on behalf of Terrace Court, LLC at 202 Riverside Drive in Manhattan (the “Property”) in order to identify energy efficiency measures that, when implemented, would make the Property more efficient in terms of energy usage.

The procedures and methods used in this analysis exceed the requirements of an ASHRAE Level II Energy Evaluation. Moreover, this Report has been designed to satisfy the Energy Audit requirements of New York City Local Law 87

In addition, this report encompasses a detailed evaluation and analysis of all aspects of building energy (electricity, fuel oil and natural gas) as well as energy efficiency measures in connection with the building’s main components including heating, lighting, electric motors, air conditioning and building envelope.

Building Information

The property at 202 Riverside Drive is a 102,791 SqFt multifamily building constructed in 1905 and located in Manhattan. This is a brick nine story building with a cellar. There are ninety-one residential units with occupancy of approximately 364 people. The tenants have their own meters, located in the basement, and are responsible for their own utility bills.

The building has a double vestibule entranceway with a glass and aluminum door. The roof is an asphalt rolled roof. The base building consists of an Oil Fired Steam Boiler that is a single pipe system. The hot water is produced through a coil in the boiler. There is common area lighting in the basement, lobby, corridors, and outside perimeter.

Assessment Highlights

  • For the past 12 months, the building used 5,803,627 kBtu of energy
  • The building (excluding tenants)Energy Utilization Index (EUI) is 56.46 kBtu/Ft2
  • The study came up with 14 Energy Efficiency Measures
  • A total of $122,645.00 independent energy efficiency measures were identified
  • The simple payback for all measures was 8.3 years

Benefits & Savings

Date Completed: January 2013

Annual Energy and Cost Savings:

  • Peak Demand Savings: 47.5 kW
  • Electricity Savings: 33,783 kWh
  • Gas/Fuel Savings: 24,257 therms
  • Total Cost Savings: $122,645

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