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2064 Barnes Ave



The following Energy Assessment was performed for the multifamily property located at 2064 Barnes Ave, Bronx, New York to identify energy efficiency measures which, when implemented, would make the property more efficient in terms of energy and water usage.

This Report was also prepared pursuant to the requirements of New York City Local Law 87 requiring that all buildings in New York City having over 50,000 square feet of gross floor area be audited for energy and water usage every ten years.

The procedures and methods used in the analysis for this Report meet or exceed the requirements of ASHRAE Level II Energy Evaluation including energy simulation for the boilers, which meets the requirements of ASHRAE Level III Energy Evaluation. As such, this Report has been designed to satisfy and exceed the Energy Audit requirements of Local Law 87.

Building Information

The building was constructed in 1961 and is owned and managed by Kola Palusevic. This is a 61,807 square foot multifamily apartment building that consists of 50 apartments. The building is located on 2064 Barnes Avenue in Bronx, New York. This is a six story apartment building with an elevator, spacious apartments, and coin operated laundry.

Assessment Highlights

  • The building used 3,927,558 kBtu of energy
  • The energy usage, excluding water, equated to $112,355.68
  • The building Energy Utilization Index (EUI) is 54.9 kBtu/Ft2
  • The study came up with 5 Energy Efficiency Measures
  • A total of $278,161 independent energy efficiency measures were identified

Benefits & Savings

Date Completed: May 2013

Annual Energy and Cost Savings:

  • Electricity Savings: 14,280 kWh
  • Gas/Fuel Savings: 759 therms
  • Total Cost Savings: $278,161

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